martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Final Exam

Items to be discussed during final exam:
  • Children's literature: characteristics, types, analyses according to different writers, versiosn along history, etc.
  • African children's stories: similarities and differences.
  • Gothic literature: characteristics
  • Detective stories.

  • Narrative: structure, paragraphs, kinds of sentences (topic sentences, supporting material), characters, etc.
  • descriptions (of pieces of art, for example)
  • connectors
  • cohesion and coherence
  • specific vocabulary: for descriptions, art, narrative, etc

Genres & text types:
  • reports
  • short stories
  • descriptions
  • blurbs
  • summaries

  • THEORY discussed in class related to your own WRITING PROCESS.

"Theory", of course refers to:

Pls, bring your writings to the exam so that you can find plenty of examples!

stella :-)

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