domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

How to write a REPORT

In writing a report there are some issues thet should be taken into consideration:
  • audience: Who is the report for?
  • organization: How are you going to organize the material ?
  • layout: What headings and subheadings are relevant?
  • introduction and conclusion: How is the first paragraph introducing the topics that are going to be reported? Is a conclusion necessary? Have you succeeded in summarizing the most important issues?
  • index and appendix/appendices: Are they necessary? What do they contribute?

There are different types of reports. Click on the following links to obtain more information: Study Skills Centre, student services, Vanier College

If you click on the case study report from Monash University (Australia) and the famous Flo-Joe's site for Cambridge exams, you will find two interesting interactive samples with relevant comments and corrections. Really useful!!


Arroró & lullabies

If you click HERE, you'll find the site called ARRORRÓ- LULLABIES, Un Encuentro entre Culturas. Feel free to visit it all, and enjoy the different songs!

The newspaper Página 12, in its suplement Radar, published this piece of news. Reflect upon it using the questions discussed in class.

Finally write a report in approx. 200 words, and hand it in on AUGUST 23rd. (See next entry How to write a REPORT)