domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

How to write a REPORT

In writing a report there are some issues thet should be taken into consideration:
  • audience: Who is the report for?
  • organization: How are you going to organize the material ?
  • layout: What headings and subheadings are relevant?
  • introduction and conclusion: How is the first paragraph introducing the topics that are going to be reported? Is a conclusion necessary? Have you succeeded in summarizing the most important issues?
  • index and appendix/appendices: Are they necessary? What do they contribute?

There are different types of reports. Click on the following links to obtain more information: Study Skills Centre, student services, Vanier College

If you click on the case study report from Monash University (Australia) and the famous Flo-Joe's site for Cambridge exams, you will find two interesting interactive samples with relevant comments and corrections. Really useful!!


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