domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Arroró & lullabies

If you click HERE, you'll find the site called ARRORRÓ- LULLABIES, Un Encuentro entre Culturas. Feel free to visit it all, and enjoy the different songs!

The newspaper Página 12, in its suplement Radar, published this piece of news. Reflect upon it using the questions discussed in class.

Finally write a report in approx. 200 words, and hand it in on AUGUST 23rd. (See next entry How to write a REPORT)


3 comentarios:

  1. Great stuff!! Thanks Stella for all your support! Get better soon Kisses, Maria

  2. As soon as my son lend me his webcam I'll upload one lullaby that my mum used to sing me when I was a baby. I agree with the article from Pagina 12,"el que canta se esfuerza por retener aquello que se está disolviendo, como si una parte de quien es pudiera irse con aquella palabra que deja de existir" For me I treasure this special lullaby because is my own way to feel my mum's presence.

  3. Nice comment, Maria. It's incredible what a simple song can produce on us!
    stella :-)