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I've never tried it this way. Pls tell me if you click HEREare you directed to our G-doc? (PROVIDED YOU SHARE IT AND YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN ABLE TO EDIT IT, OBVIOUSLY!

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  1. great!! Anyway I have to share the doc with you first.

    stella :-)

  2. "The fantastic flying books" by Morris Lessmore.
    With reference to the video itself, the first i can see, is the title, the view of a city, the numberlys and then the american black.But the story begins with a book that opens and you can observe a hotel, a cyclist and then a man writing a book in the balcony of this hotel.
    It involves a man, a cyclist, a woman, a little girl and obviously the books.
    The complication, from my point of view, happens when a terrible storm produces the lost of all the words of the books, and since then all becomes black and white.
    The resolution is when the man recovers his book, he finds his place in the world and the colours returns.
    I think that the evaluation is when his life finiishes and someone else takes his place.Finally, the meaning of the story is to show the power of books, that are an invitation to adventure and not only enrich but shape our lives.

  3. Tovagliari Florencia
    ¨The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore¨
    The video begins with the abstract showing Mr. Morris writing his book sitting in a balcony of a hotel with a view of the city. He has piles of books around him and the day seems to be peaceful.
    The city is calm, but suddenly a powerful wind blows and things, people, Mr. Morris and the letters from his book begin to fly. The scene of the city becoming a chaos and Mr. Morris trying to keep his book safe from the wind is the orientation of the story.
    During the hurricane, Mr. Morris falls into a hole. Here begins the action in the story, the city lacks of colours, everything is black and white. His book is blank and he feels disjointed and walks around the devastated place. Swiftly, a girl ties to a brunch of flying books giving colours to the sky and to the whole landscape appears. Secondly, a book invites him to come with him to a house which is plenty of books. From that moment, Mr. Morris is their caretaker.
    Mr. Morris lives in the house taking care of the books. The books are given to people who are involved in sadness, with no colours; books make them blissful and variegated. This part of the marvelous story is the resolution, what he does with the books is the main purpose of his work, the act of making people feel better.
    At the end of the story, is time to die for Mr. Morris, so he goes outside and flying books fly around Mr. Morris making him young again. Mr. Morris leaves the house tied to the books crossing the sky and he throws a book, this book is which he has been writing all his life. At that moment a lady is near the house, she looks surprised and takes the book. This scene is the coda for the reason that the ending brings to the viewer back to the point at the action in the story.

    1. Hello Stella! I loved this video! It’s really beautiful and gave us a good lesson about the importance of books in our lives.
      Here is my written assignment about the video.

      -The closed book showing the title of the story gives us an idea of what it will be about.
      -The beginning of the music indicates us that the story is about to begin.
      -The cover of the book is opened.

      -A hotel can be seen by the viewer.
      -A writer is writing a book, so at that moment we can see one of the characters.
      -The wind starts to blow hard and it makes the words that the writer has written in the book fly. This shows us the situation of the story.

      Complicating action:
      -The wind makes him and his book fly.
      -The writer tries to catch the book.
      -He finally gets it but it is empty.
      -He turns to black and white. This shows us that he is sad and feels frustrated for having lost his book.

      -A book guides him to a library.
      -The writer turns to color again. This shows us that he is happy again because he finds his book.

      -He helps the books in whatever he can.
      -He starts writing his book again.
      -He gives books to people and they turn in colors.

      -He becomes old.
      -He writes “the end” in his book.
      -He leaves the library but another person comes to take his place.

  4. "The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore"
    The elements that show that the abstract is taking place are: the sound of the music and the book which tell us that something is going to begin.
    As regards orientation the elements are: the place that is to say, the hotel, the characters: a man writing a book, a cyclist and a woman and the situation:First the place is calm, then a sudden strong wind blows the man with his book including the people who are there. From my point of view, the complication starts when the wind appears and makes the man to fall into a deep hole. Since then, everything turns black and white.
    On the other hand, the resolution could be when he finally finds the book and give books to people, and when he does it, all people recover their colour, that is because books are important(or should be) in our lives, they give us knowledge and at the same time they enrich more our vocabulary.
    Finally,the coda, starts when Mr. Morris becomes older and another person takes his place.
    A really interesting video to see!!!

  5. ABSTRACT: When the main character was reading a book, sitting on a chair at the evry beginning.

    ORIENTATION: A man was involved in the story accompained by lots of books around him, it took place in a balcony at first and then in a kind of library.

    COMPLICATING ACTION: The main character was sent to an unknown place for him, full of books,there, he found a book that would share with him the rest of his life.

    The story constantly shows the viewer that something new is going to happen.

  6. RESOLUTION: He wrote the end of his book

    EVALUATION: He left the library and a girl appeared to take his place

    CODA: The girl was sitting outside looking at his dear book

    Sorry for the missing part.

  7. The structure of the narrative in "The Fantastic Flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore"

    As the video stars, the first thing I can see is a big red book titled "The fantastic flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore". I think this scene is definitely the abstract. The book's tittle is suggestive enough. It lets us know that a story about books and Mr Morris is going to be told. We only have to wait for the book to open so that we can find out what it is that the story is actually about.
    Next thing we can see is the protagonist and context; who he is, where he lives, what he is doing, etc. This is the orientation.
    The complicating action follows immediately. An unfortunate event takes place; a sudden and strong wind blows up and destroys everything. Mr Morris' book is now empty. He becomes colourless and sad.
    The resolution takes place from the moment the main character comes across the young lady and is given a flying book and then led to a comfortable library where he will became colorful again and be able to get on writing his book.
    Time passes. Mr. Morris shares his time with the books and help others get over from the merciless wind which carried away with all they had At this point we ask ourselves what else might happen. For the writter has already become colorfull, happy, helped others, etc. We have the evaluation here.
    Eventually the coda shows us not only that the man has to leave the place because he's now old and he has already finished his book, but also that he is going to give someone else the opportunity to get on with the work he started in the library.
    The book which opened at the very beginning closes, meaning that where a story finishes another is about to begin.

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