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A brief description: Penzu in an interesting video:

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PORTFOLIO: This is just a set of questions to reflect upon.
Have I included /chosen a good title? Is it related to genre/content?/Have I followed conventions?
Are there any pictures, highlighted text(s), sections/subtitles? Do these correspond with the genre chosen?
Has the audience been taken into account? How can the piece of writing vary according to the audience?
Have I included the sources? Are they appropriately cited?
What is the topic of the writing? Is it clearly/overtly stated (according to genre)? Is it clear for ME?
What is the best part (if any) of my piece of writing? And the worst? Why?
What did I do well in my piece of writing?
Were any parts difficult to write? Why?
Did I revise and change any part/section/style/etc? What for?
How do I feel about the finished version?
Is there anything that I would change after handing in/reading other sources/discussing the topic with my mates/teacher(s)/others?
Did I learn anything while writing this piece/these pieces that I could use in the future?
Which are your goals for next time?

ENTRY#1; done in class
ENTRY #2: (home assignment) How has the analysis of Gothic Literature modified your writing? How have you improved or not he novella?

 stella :-)

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